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What do we do?

The Property Development side of the business aims to produce Good quality housing with good Sustainable credentials for the mainstream market in the Cotswold/Oxfordshire and wider areas.

As Chartered Architects we undertake all design stages from the initial measured surveys to Planning, Detailed Design and then run and supervise the construction on site, using preferred or joint venture partner contractors.

Who do we work with?



We help you achieve the most return by using good design, innovative solutions and looking at problems with an open mind, this can either be on a Traditional Architectural basis or on an “at risk” basis subject to the project and the outcomes you have in mind.

Land Owners


We will work with small or large land owners to review the potential of your site, undertake the full planning process and then if required can manage the development project for you. We can undertake this for no “up front” costs according to the site and we would then take a percentage share of the value created by the Planning Consent or the Development.

Private Investors

We source potential projects for private clients looking for a return on their investment in property on a Joint Venture basis.

Why we want to involve private investors?

We work with private investors looking to make a good return on their money on building projects, we will source potential projects and present these to you with an outline of the possible returns and an honest review of the risks. We work on a profit share or agreed percentage basis during the project. Put simply we have all the skills to get the project designed and built, but we need the investment either to get a project off the ground or to help with funding the construction costs.

Our offer.

We undertake all the work, including finding a suitable project and in return provide you with a good return on your investment.

Why Us?

Spirit Architecture has been successfully completing projects for private clients and with developer clients for the last 5 years.

Threats and Challenges

All Construction projects have a level of risk, primarily because each project is a unique design with a unique set of circumstances and so building is like creating a prototype car, however as experienced Architects we are very familiar with the types of risks that are likely to appear in a project and we will endeavour to make allowances within the figures to account for unknown issues at the outset.

Would you like to know more about a Development?

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