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How We Work With You

How We Work With You

All architectural projects are broken down into stages which follow the Royal Institute of British Architects Plan of Work 2013.  Click here to download the PDF for more information on the RIBA ‘Plan of work’  or visit www.ribaplanofwork.com.

PRE-PLANNING: RIBA Stage 1, Preparation & Brief

This stage identifies the needs and objectives of your project and any constraints on the site. We usually find an initial Feasibility Discussion or Sketch Design to look at options which helps you identify the viability of a project without too much initial expense.

PRE - PLANNING: RIBA Stage 2, Concept Development

This stage moves your project on from the ideas stage into a format commonly known as the “Planning” stage providing drawings and ready for a Local Authority Planning or Permitted Development application.

POST-PLANNING: RIBA Stage 3, Developed Design

This stage includes more detailed design work and preparation of drawings and schedules to allow you to tender the works to builders and includes co-ordination with other professionals like Structural Engineers and Energy Consultants, and CDM Co-ordinators for non-domestic projects

POST-PLANNING: RIBA Stage 4, Technical Design

This stage includes Building Regulations submission, Tendering and agreeing contracts with Builders and on larger contracts finalising the pre-contract Health and Safety issues.

ON SITE: RIBA Stage 5, Construction

This is the “on-site” stage of construction where architects can oversee the Building Contract between you and your builder, visit site regularly and answer builders queries as works progress, and certify the level of completed works for payment.

ON SITE: RIBA Stage 6, Hand-over and Close Down

At the end of the building process the Building Contract the building is “handed over” for full use and then has a “Defects Liability” period for 3 to 6 months during which the building can be reviewed “in use”. This period is there to check that all is working correctly and to allow the contractor to rectify any defects and then the contract is Concluded.

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