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Co-ordination with Other Consultants

You will probably need input from a specialist consultant such as a Structural Engineer or Building Regulations consultant for SAP calculations, or for non-residential project a CDM Co-ordinator to undertake the duties of set out by the HSE. I will help you source these and co-ordinate as required.

Click here to download the Development Design PDF or visit http://www.hse.gov.uk/construction/areyou/client.htm

Detail level drawings

We then can produce a full set of drawings for a builder to price, including details of all elements.

Building Regulations Application

If required weI can undertake a Full Plans or Building Notice Application for the project.

Schedule of works

As with the drawings, schedules can help you compare builders prices in more detail and can be used either on their own or with drawings to provide you with the basis for tendering.


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