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Concept Design

This stage relates to developing a scheme ready for the Planning application. This follows the following stages of the process.


Building Survey to CAD

The first step will be to arrange to survey the property (which will take approx 3-4 hours) and then prepare the “As Existing” drawings into a CAD (computer aided design) format.
If the Stage 1 – “Sketch Design” stage was used this would be simply converting the hand-drawings to CAD.

Sketch Design development

To undertake the development of an outline agreed scheme I recommend I undertake some sketch ideas on the CAD base. As part of this Sketch Design I will undertake say 2 options and then review alternative options with you to agree which design to take forward to the next stage of the process.
If the Stage 1 – “Sketch Design” stage was used this would be simply converting the hand-drawings to CAD.

Scheme Level drawings for planning applications

From the initial sketch scheme and based (and after discussion with Planners is necessary) we can develop the scheme further in CAD format ready for submission for a Planning Application/ Listed Building Consent approval. These are CAD drawings usually submitted on-line showing a general layout of the proposal. These may include some notes showing where other consultants need to be involved and are not intended as construction plans. As Part of the Planning Applications I will include a downloaded version of an OS site Plan at 1:1250.

Planning Statement

For some projects a supporting Planning Statement written by a Planning Consultant is required to accompany the application. This form of report includes a detailed argument in favour of the application using Planning terminology and case studies to support the application. If required I will obtain a quotation from a Planning Consultant.

Planning Application

I will complete the Planning Application form for you and submit drawings and supporting information on-line, such as the Design and Access Statement.

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