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Graven Hill, Bicester


Graven Hill, the UKs largest self-build site will feature a wide variety of available plot for properties, varying from larger detached residences with sizable gardens to more modest homes and bungalows.

European self-build projects have delivered a wealth of terrace and semi-detached homes. Graven Hill will include both these types of properties in varying sizes. Plots will be available for those who are looking to work independently or collaborate as a group to benefit from economies of scale.

The development of Graven Hill also includes plans for a number of apartments. This creates an ideal opportunity for groups wishing to collaborate financially to deliver solutions within specified budgets that satisfy individual tastes.

How can Spirit Architecture help you?

The first plot reservations will be taken during 2015. In 2016 the main infrastructure and servicing work will be undertaken, so the first phase of plots should become available in late 2016 with phases continuing until 2023 and beyond.

All plots will be provided with a “Site Passport” which sets out guidelines for the positioning of the building on the plot, the palette of materials that can be used and the height limits in terms of storeys, otherwise the design in unlimited.

Spirit Architecture is experienced in designing new build bespoke houses and combined projects and can help you and your groups through the process, if you want to build yourselves or have the building contract managed for you.

Properties at Graven Hill will be required to be built to high environmental standards, complying with Passivhaus principals for energy efficiency and Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes regarding water management, these are design techniques and principles that Spirit Architecture is familiar with and we can help walk you through the processes and design requirements to comply with these standards.

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