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Barn Conversion at Wardington

July 25, 2013

Client:AJS Estates Limited

Project: Barn Conversion
Services: Architectural Design

Barn Conversion at Wardington

The Barns were purchased at Auction with Planning Approval for conversion. The original scheme had the main living accommodation in the upper section of the barns where there was limited external views and the bedrooms proposed in the open barn to the rear.
At the initial discussion with the client I suggested flipping the living areas and bedrooms so that the open cart shed could become an open plan living area, stepped to follow the contours of the ground.

The development was then continued to leave as many of the original features in place as possible, by forming a steel-frame behind the original oak columns to support the roof beams in situ and provide the stability required for the sliding/folding doors.

The development is heated by an air source heat pump with under floor heating throughout and highly insulated, there is an additional wood-burner in the living area to top up the heat if required.

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House near Chipping Norton
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