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House in Charlbury, Oxon

July 24, 2013

Client:Private House

Project:First Floor Extension and Internal Re-ordering Location Charlbury

Services:Architectural Design

Matthew, Thank you so much for the inspiration care and detail invested in the transformation of my cottage. It has been a pleasure working with you.- All good wishes, JJ

Oxfordshire based, Extension & Internal Re-ordering

The brief for this project was to provide additional accommodation on this small site whilst enlarging some of the existing rooms.

This was achieved by undertaking a first floor extension to the side on the original cottage to include a new staircase and two bedrooms allowing the two main rooms in the original cottage to be enlarged as well.

To improve the condition of the floor in the Ground floor of the original cottage a new Limecrete floor was installed with pumice insulation under and within the floor. This will allow the floor to breathe and drain more easily and to cope with being built partly into the ground level.

Listed Building, Moreton-In-Marsh Wollaton Hall & Park
Listed Building, Moreton-In-Marsh
Wollaton Hall & Park

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