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St Mary’s Church in Bibury

July 25, 2013

Client:PCC of Bibury and Winson

Project:Church Architect
Services:Quinquennial Surveys and Architectural Design

Quinquennial Surveys & Design in Gloucestershire

Matthew Hollingsworth has been appointed to be the Inspecting Architect for the Parishes of Bibury and Winson in Gloucestershire following the completion of the new replacement lobby entrance to the south aisle of Bibury Church.

The design intention was to be as simple as possible but respectful for the historic South Door and to allow a full view into the church from the Entrance which providing a draught lobby.
Bibury church is visited very regularly especially during the peak tourist seasons and a the door system is designed for a heavy use.

The etching detailing is based on a Saxon carving found on the north wall of the Chancel, a motif which is picked up in many places throughout the church.

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